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The project partners

Kőszegi Testvérvárosi Egyesület
 acting on behalf of Kőszeg Town, Hungary is the coordinator of the project. Besides the coordination and general participants’ role they will organize workshop and study visit dedicated to the cleanness of the water and its saving. 

Douzelage Association in Chojna is the Polish partner in the project. Besides the general questions discussed everywhere they show the attitude of the local participants and foreign visitors towards work abroad, and involvement of students in international apprenticeship, as a small step towards being European. 

Marsaskala Local Council
 is our partner from Malta. Besides the general questions they summarize the attitude of the local participants and foreign visitors towards the importance of a very small, isolated country and the importance of a small, almost forgotten language. 


, representing Velletri, Italy is a typical cultural and social association with many young members, trained in several international projects. Their special task is to point out the question: How many European have been refugees in the past? 

Stadt Bad Kötzting, Germany
 is located within the Nature Recreation Park "Upper Bavarian Forest" on the border to the Czech Republic. Besides the general discussions their special topic will be bee-keeping. This will allow them to present how important the international cooperation is to protect these small animals from epidemic illnesses.

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